Our Friend Beth


3 February 1942     –      21 August 2016



A message from Marni and everyone at the Whangarei City
Riding Centre.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us
in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit
and freedom”

This is exactly what it was like for Beth who had been
riding with us for many years and got to know all our horses
very well, but our Clydie cross “Gypsy” was her absolute
favorite and at times most challenging to ride.
Beth would pull up in her car every Tuesday and Thursday,
carrots in tow, and Gypsy sure as heck recognised her car.
His ears pricking up as soon as she came around the corner
with her treats, which was always the biggest carrot Beth
could find.
Gypsy is a real character, a real dude who can be hard to
get going at times for most people, but Beth always liked
challenges and developed a real connection with him and took
great delight in showing off to the younger riders,
especially cantering around the paddock and popping over the
jumps smiling from ear to ear.
Beth was always happy to just be on the back of a horse and
really didn’t mind who she rode with, from the very young to
the very experienced.  This showed as she was always beaming
and so happy accomplishing new things.
Here is a little poem, so like Beth.

“We ride to fly.  to feel. to touch.  to breathe.  to
laugh. to soar.  to overcome.  to relax.  to prove them
wrong.  to belong.  to feel strong.  to heal.  to love.  &
to be loved back.  to communicate without words.  We ride to

Beth will be missed by everyone at the riding school.  In
lieu of flowers the riding centre has made a donation to the
International League for the Protection of Horses, something
we thought Beth would appreciate.

Beth on Gypsy